Records Management Consulting

Records Management Review

The following areas are addressed and a comprehensive report compiled.

  • Review current business records keeping requirements.

  • Examine current strategy.

  • Assess current records keeping systems both hard copy and electronic.

  • Document  evaluation report.

Record Keeping System Design

The elements included in a Record Keeping System Design are;

  • Document strategy.

  • Document business classification scheme (BCS).

  • Document File and Document naming conventions.

  • Document business rules.

  • Document electronic and hard copy configuration and implementation requirements.

Records Keeping System Implementation

The goal of this phase is to implement the Record Keeping System Design so that Business Requirements are met and that end users are competent and confident in its use.

  • Provide project plan.

  • Manage and control resources and suppliers.

  • Undertake user acceptance testing.

  • Provide training.