COVID - 19 Safety Procedures on Client Sites

Travel To & From Site
  • Carry out physical distancing and sanitisation procedures when travelling on all public and private transport.

  • Familiarise with client COVID-19 procedures and requirements before proceeding to the client site.

On Client Site
  • Follow any requests or instructions from authorised client staff.

  • Undertake sanitisation procedures on each entry and exit to/from the site.

  • Adhere to the requirements of the Client’s COVID-19 Safety Plan and procedures.

  • Ensure that any allocated-on site work area is sanitised.

  • Familiarise ourselves with any client WHS procedures.

  • Ensure that any client owned equipment provided to PCA temporarily is sanitised and is not to be taken off the premises at any time.

  • Use appropriate physical distancing procedures in any interaction with client personnel: interviews, meetings, presentations etc. Where possible use remote media such as Skype, ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts etc.

  • Wear appropriate PPE to the site conditions including any client issued items. Where client protective provisions seem to be inadequate, remediation will be sought prior to completion of any on site work which may be affected.

  • Ensure that any on site presentation to client personnel conforms to Covid-19 Federal and State Government guidelines.

  • When arranging and conducting any third-party site inspection or works e.g., removalist, we ensure that they are familiar with the client’s procedures and adhere to them while on site.

On Site Surveying
  • Our staff will wear a mask in any confined areas.

  • All meetings and walk-throughs will be booked in advance

  • Meetings and walk-throughs will be limited to one-on-one interactions with client staff where practical.

  • Disposable rubber gloves will be worn when measuring and recording storage which are used as single use items and dispose of the area is vacated.

  • Regularly clean any equipment used during and after the survey period.

  • If possible, the touching of surfaces in client storage areas will be avoided.

  • Ensure, where appropriate, the wearing rubber gloves when there is a need to move storage items in order to identify, count and measure.

  • If at any time PCA staff feel that they may be unsafe in touching or moving any client storage item:

  • Get client personnel to move or touch it, or

  • Photograph the item.

General Compliance
  • Follow the NSW Government guidelines.

  • PCA staff will not attend client site should they have any of the following symptoms.

  • Above Average temperature

  • Shortness of breath

  • Cough

  • Any cold like symptoms

  • PCA staff will be required to get tested and follow self-isolation guidelines as required. They will not return to the client site until a negative test result is received or the self-isolation period is finished and they are given an all clear to return to work.

  • Clients will be apprised of any information in this regard and any effects on time lines following these procedures may have.