Our People:

Peter Donnelly

Managing Director Prime Care Australia



Peter holds a Macquarie University Master of Business Administration and a Sydney University Science degree. Peter also holds formal qualifications in Records Management from QDEC and is an accredited Prince 2 Practitioner.


His professional experience includes Business Unit management for Brambles Records Management (NSW) (now Recall), Iron Mountain (NSW), Unistat (now Avery), and Datafile.


Peter is the founder of Prime Care Australia and provides consulting and project management across the full range of services.


Ron Lyons  - Project Director:


With over 20 years experience in Records Management and Storage consulting and 25 years in materials handling and logistics, Ron is well positioned to provide expert project management and advice.


Lesley Hurwood – Consultant

Lesley has over 20 years experience at Prime Care Australia along with previous experience in business process improvement and management.


Support staff – Prime Care Australia draws from a broad team of Field Support Staff who carry out administration, field surveying, data entry and clerical support.

What they represent:

Value:  Prime Care Australia offers high quality services with added value based on years of experience in all workplace environments.


Quality:  Prime Care Australia follows procedures in a disciplined way, peer reviewing all reports, recommendations and project plans to ensure they are of a high quality. Our method of collecting and analysing data is detailed; part of our on-going commitment to providing accurate, high quality advice.


Integrity:  Prime Care Australia is independent. Our advice is not biased towards particular product brands or companies.


Results orientated:  Prime Care Australia is committed to delivering results that enhance our client's working environment and building our long term reputation in the marketplace.


Collaborative:  Prime Care Australia participates openly in all the projects we are engaged in and are open to suggestions, concerns and questions and share our experience and expertise. We believe in collaborating within each project team in achieving the best outcomes for the client.

Our team is as dedicated to your project as you are